Driving in Korea

Notice for Rental in Korea

Please read carefully and be advised followings to rent a car in South Korea
1. Personal identification and Your Personal ID: Passport, and Identification of your own country
2. Driver's licences are required.
Under the Road Traffic Act, Customer should have the valid license as below.

The international drivers permit is mandatory to drive in South Korea.

Depending on the vehicle you choose, the class of the international drivers is differently applied.

Class B: Vehicles having less than 8 seats and lighter than 3,500kg weight. In Europcar Korea, VW Golf is applied on this Class C.

Class D: Vehicles having more than 8 seats and heavier than 3,500kg weight. In Europcar Korea, Starex Limousine is the only vehicle on this Class D.


The validity of the drivers license must cover the rental return date.

Please be advised that if your driver license is not presented to us or fails to meet the rental criteria for the relevant type of car, the reservation may be refused or cancelled.

* Note :
Your International Driving Permit (IDP)  should be issued under the authority of the GENEVA CONVENTION of 1949.
In case of Swiss, Germany, France, Slovenia, Monaco, Belgium and Taiwan documentation, your local driving licence with an official translation is required.

3. Payment method

A credit card is required for the payment.